We are launching this blog as a platform to discuss the complex things in life. Too often do we get locked into a simple position that only sees part of the picture and vehemently deny other perspectives. And yet everything in life is made of complex, dynamically engaged, interdependent, ever-changing systems.

From biology to politics, from businesses trying to build products to NGOs trying to help out – the biggest unsolved problems are problems of complexity and of complex dynamical systems. Problems where our language fails us, because language only captures a slice, whereas the problem is… systemic.

But problems are not the only thing that can be systemic. So are values, and benefits like stability, growth, and continuous improvements.

In future posts we will explore systemic problems, systemic solutions, and how visual thinking tools can get us talking to each other again, and look at the whole picture rather than just our favorite slice of it.

This is going to be interesting.

Eran Dror

Eran Dror is a product designer, writer, and a student of eastern religions now finishing a Masters degree in Religious Studies. Eran has designed and built several successful products for other companies. Wigwam is his baby.