Ecologist Eric Berlow faces complex systems every day. He uses better information to get a better, simpler solution. In this talk he shares some of his tips and tricks for breaking down big problems, by distilling an overwhelmingly complex infographic on U.S. strategy in Afghanistan to a few elementary points.

From the Transcript:

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed when you’re faced with a complex problem? Well, I hope to change that in less than three minutes. So, I hope to convince you that complex doesn’t always equal complicated. So for me, a well-crafted baguette, fresh out of the oven, is complex, but a curry onion green olive poppy cheese bread is complicated. I’m an ecologist, and I study complexity. I love complexity. And I study that in the natural world, the interconnectedness of species.

For more information check out Eric Berlow’s website.

Eran Dror

Eran Dror is a product designer, writer, and a student of eastern religions now finishing a Masters degree in Religious Studies. Eran has designed and built several successful products for other companies. Wigwam is his baby.