This is one of my all-time favorite TED talks, and it beautifully captures the value of visualization in reaching concensus and solving hard and complex problems.

Tom Wujec introduced me, via this talk, to the wonderful world of graphic facilitation, which is


From the Transcript:

Some years ago, I stumbled across a simple design exercise that helps people understand and solve complex problems, and like many of these design exercises, it kind of seems trivial at first, but under deep inspection, it turns out that it reveals unexpected truths about the way that we collaborate and make sense of things.

The exercise has three parts and begins with something that we all know how to do, which is how to make toast. It begins with a clean sheet of paper, a felt marker, and without using any words, you begin to draw how to make toast. And most people draw something like this. They draw a loaf of bread, which is sliced, then put into a toaster. The toast is then deposited for some time. It pops up, and then voila! After two minutes, toast and happiness.

To learn more about Tom Wujec, check out his website.

Eran Dror

Eran Dror is a product designer, writer, and a student of eastern religions now finishing a Masters degree in Religious Studies. Eran has designed and built several successful products for other companies. Wigwam is his baby.