This moving TED talk by Sally Kohn is quintessential systems thinking, with a lot of heart. Hate is present in all of us, but it is not inevitable, it arises from the cultural systems we build, from a history of superiority, from separation and isolation.

Solving hate does not mean just solving it at the extremes, but developing skills of introspection and building better, more connected systems where hate would not arise.

From the Transcript:

So people tell me I’m a nice person … to the point where it’s part of my personal and professional identity that I’m so nice and able to get along with anyone, even my most fierce opponents. It’s like my “thing,” it’s what I’m known for.

But what no one knows … is that I was a bully. Honestly, I didn’t think about it much myself. I buried the memories for years, and even still, a lot of it’s really hazy. Denial, by the way, apparently is also one of my things.

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Eran Dror

Eran Dror is a product designer, writer, and a student of eastern religions now finishing a Masters degree in Religious Studies. Eran has designed and built several successful products for other companies. Wigwam is his baby.